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Jersey's former Residential A-H, Non-Qualified & J Categories are now Entitled, Registered & Licensed.  Knowing who you can rent to is important as getting it wrong can potentially land you with a hefty fine!
This guide should help you stay compliant . . . .


Entitled status individuals can rent any residential property in Jersey.


Licensed individuals can rent any residential property in Jersey other than those with first time buyer restrictions or social rented housing as long as they retain their Licensed status.


Registered individuals are restricted to renting Registered category property only.  Unless the individual is awarded Licensed status by their employer, they will need to be permanently resident in Jersey for 10 consecutive years before they will gain Entitled status.

Entitled to Work

BEWARE! Entitled to Work status is equivalent to Registered status.  It indicates the individual has been permanently resident in Jersey for a consecutive period of more than 5 years but less than 10 years. An Entitled to Work individual may only rent a Registered category property only.
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